The center of snow sports Ruka-Kuusamo

Ruka-Kuusamo is an outdoor destination in northern Finland, beloved by both domestic and international holiday makers alike.

The area’s strongest feature is its nature, the landscape that is decorated by gorges and fells, wild rivers and vast lakes, where the ever changing seasons paint the scenery in white, green or gold. An equally strong feature is the local culture with focus on wellbeing and wild food, countryside traditions and traditional livelihoods.
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Plethora of memorable activities

For travellers and visitors, Ruka-Kuusamo offers a plethora of activities, both in winter and in summer. Many activities available take you from the legendary nature sights to authentic saunas, from a reindeer farm to a table filled with local delicacies. 

The area has very good accommodation possibilities in chalets and private lodges. There are a few hotels, but the majority of the accommodation is offered in smaller units, suitable well for families and small groups. As there are chalet resorts with large capacity as well as hotels with world-class meeting and conference facilities, larger events can also be organised in Ruka-Kuusamo.

Chalets & cottages

Rukan Salonki Resort

Rukan Salonki is an upscale private resort offering accommodation in  premium grey log wood chalets and villa-apartments. 

8 chalets & 10 villa-apartments

with 104 beds

2 restaurants

with 90 and 60 seats

2 outdoor kotas

with 10 and 40 seats


for max 15 persons
Chalets & cottages

Rukan Salonki Standard Chalets

To stay in cozy but high-standard chalets or cottages is the dream of many travelers of the north.

4 chalets

spacious lounges + fireplace

46 beds

with extra beds
Chalets & cottages

Rukan Salonki Superior Chalets

Superior chalets meet the needs of demanding clients and function well for both family gatherings and representations and small meetings.

4 chalets

en suite bathrooms + sauna

18 beds

the number of beds available
Special accommodation

Veskaranta Sky View Villas

Located in Rukan Salonki resort, Veskaranta Sky View Villas feature panoramic views and high-end comfort in luxurious villa-apartments.

10 villa-apartments

in semi-detached houses

40 beds

the total number of beds

Wild Food Fondue Dinner

A crackling fire greets you at Wilderness Restaurant Kymppi. Come enjoy a three-course wild food fondue meal by the campfire.

Husky safaris

A tour in a husky sledge is a must for any Lapland-visitor. The feeling of travelling in a sledge pulled by a team of huskies is unforgettable.

Other experiences

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