Ruka-Kuusamo’s nature offers several must-see nature sights.

There are the summer mornings at Pähkänäkallio, Konttainen that offers great views from the top and as a part of the scenery, Valtavaara trails next to Ruka and not to forget Kiutaköngäs waterfalls and Myllykoski rapids. There are several nature parks, each with their own special features. With an expereinced local guide these spots are reached either just with a pair of good hiking shoes or with snowshoes in winter time.
Duration: from 2 hrs
Price: depending on tour

Hikes range from very easy tp demanding but have one thing in common – nice views ad good guiding!

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Ruka-Kuusamo is an outdoor destination in northern Finland, beloved by both domestic and international holiday makers alike.

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