Values and operating model

Service providers in northern Scandinavia

We pride ourselves on being a different type of DMC. But what does it mean in practice? Here you can find all about our philosophy.

We sell and market products from handpicked regions, clusters of companies or full-service businesses with the same passion as our own offerings. In addition to selling our partners’ products as separate entities, we network the services of our various partners and thus develop a unique and competitive service offering. We are not competing with DMCs and incoming-agencies that solely receive requests and hence offer well-known and highly competed products, services and regions.

A co-operation will give your services a platform both as solitary services as well as parts of holiday packages and road-trips. Our revenue model directs commission to the tour operators, as our aim is to actively find new customers for our partner service providers – not to passively pass on bookings

Each partnership agreement is tailored and negotiated separately and confidentially.

Tour operators

Our growing range of boutique destinations and upscale services is presented as a one-stop shop for international tour operators and travel agents on our target markets. We aim at building strong and trusting relationships with our partners and wish to always have the perfect product at hand.

Salonki Travels functions as a representative of its service provider partners rather than a middle-man.