The Classic SaunaTour in Rukan Salonki Starsauna

For Finns sauna is an institution, something very essential in life and a must-have. But why do the Finns love their sauna baths so much, is it not just sitting in a hot room?

This tour is done for your party only, so you can choose if you wear bathing suits or not in the sauna. When you go for the ice-hole or the outdoor whirlpool, you might want to wear bathing suits, as there is a visibility from the area to the lake and terrace of the sauna. In case you decide to wear a bathing suit, we kindly ask you to bring your own. There are towels and slippers at the sauna. A generous sauna snack and herbal tea are served in the sauna lounge, where you can relax and cool off after the sauna.  
Duration 3 hrs.
Price: min 2 persons 95 € / person, min 4 persons 75 € / person
Supplements: Outdoor whirlpool 100 € / group

Your authorized sauna guide will tell you about the Finnish sauna and its health benefits and traditions. The sauna guide will advise you on how to make the perfect “löyly” happen, that is the steam in the sauna and also advise you to the use of a body scrub made of Lappish wild herbs. Between the heats you can cool off by taking a dip in the refreshing lake, or ice-hole if winter or even rolling in the snow!

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Ruka-Kuusamo is an outdoor destination in northern Finland, beloved by both domestic and international holiday makers alike.

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