Authentic smoke sauna, ice-sauna and wild food dinner

Welcome to Pyhäpiilo sauna resort and nature spa. This unique, secluded location invites you to relax and unwind, enjoy the gentle heat, the variation between hot and cold and the smells, aromas and flavors of smoke sauna and wild food.

Pyhäpiilo sauna were among the first saunas in Finland to be awarded with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience -certificate. This certificate is given to high-quality saunas that present the true values of Finnish Sauna. The certified sauna guide will tell you about sauna traditions and history and assists you to get started. There are separated shower and dressing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, and we ask all guests to bring their bathing suits. There are towels and slippers at the sauna.
Duration about 4 hrs
Price: 160 € / adult, 96 € / child 4-11 yrs

One highlight of this experience is the unique ice-sauna. The sauna itself is built from huge ice-blocks, the benches are of wood, so you can sit and relax while enjoying the very moist heat of this special sauna. And yes, it is a warm sauna, even if built of ice.

There is an ice-hole in the lake for the brave ones that wish to have their adrenalin going and also an outdoor whirlpool for relaxing under the northern sky.
After the saunas you feel relaxed and fresh – and hungry. The delicious wild food dinner is served in the panorama lounge of Pyhäpiilo. The 3-course menu is made of local seasonal ingredients and features wild food. Beverages are available on spot (not included in the price).

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Ruka-Kuusamo is an outdoor destination in northern Finland, beloved by both domestic and international holiday makers alike.

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