Winter Week at Kukkolankoski

Welcome to HaparandaTornio, the border zone of Sweden and Finland! Torne River creates the natural border between the countries, but otherwise you will only notice that you have changed countries as the time zone and language changes.

In HaparandaTornio crisscrossing the border is done several times daily by the locals. The local culture features the double nationality of the area. The shared fishing traditions, villages that reach over the country borders and a regional language, Meänkieli. In addition to the riverside, you get to enjoy the Arctic Archipelago in this area of Lapland as Torne River flows into the Gulf of Bothnia.
A winter stay in HaparandaTornio features snowmobile safaris, snowshoe hiking and fat biking. One highlight is for sure the traditional winter fishing program and one further is the crossborder ice-breakaer cruise.
The area is best reached via Kemi, Rovaniemi, Luleå or Oulu airports.
Torne River Apartments
Torne River Apartments


Day 1 – Sunday

Transfer from Kemi, Rovaniemi, Luleå or Oulu airport to Kukkolankoski Resort

Check-in at the accommodation

Dinner in Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Day 2 – Monday

Breakfast at the accommodation

By snowmobile in the wilderness of the border zone of Sweden and Finland

The safari route runs along traditional forest tracks, winter roads, and frozen rivers presenting the vast wilderness of the Tornio river valley and in two countries – Sweden and Finland. We take a break to enjoy an outdoor lunch and also to admire the wintry nature.

How to heat the traditional sauna?

This will be shown to you by your guide. There is a cozy wood heated sauna in the yard of the resort, and this is for the self-service use of all accommodating guests.

Dinner Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Day 3 – Tuesday

Breakfast at the accommodation

Possibility to go to town for some sightseeing, lunch or shopping.

Sights and points of interest:

Museum of Tornio Valley

The museum showcases the history of the Torne Valley region on both sides of the Torne River. You will be able to get acquainted with the traditional sources of livelihood, food, culture, local identity and history of the cities of Tornio and Haparanda. You can also listen to recordings of the local languages and dialects. The past is brought to life by means of objects, pictures and films.

Aine Art Museum

Aine Art museum houses the Aine Art Foundation collection of paintings which includes art from the 1800s until modern times. In addition to the basic collection, the museum has various national and international displays. The cozy café Aine has a fantastic view over the city bay.

Alatornio Church

The Church of Alatornio is from 1797 but in the same place, there has been a church since medieval times. The oldest part of the remaining church is the eastern corner facing the main entrance. In 1842, Georg Wilhelm von Struve was using triangulation to define the shape of the earth and measured one triangle from the church of Alatornio. The Struve Geodetic Arc is included in the UNESCO World Heritage listing.

Fatbiking on snowy trails

E-Fatbiking is a very fun and relaxing way to enjoy nature and winter is the most exciting season to ride the wide tired fat bikes.

On wheels you will get to see more of our beautiful landscapes then you would by foot during the same time. But what does it take to ride an e-fatbike? As long as you can pedal a normal bike, you are ready to enjoy the trip. These electric bikes give cyclists a ‘helping hand’ or push to get them up and over hills.

Dinner Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Northern Lights hike to Toivola Island (Sweden)

The tour leads you to witness the magic or nocturnal Lappish. Maybe the northern lights will highlight your evening.

We reach the island on a nighttime wintry hike on snowshoes on untouched snow, in the woods and on the ice of the frozen river. We will be out at the best possible northern lights prospecting time of the evening to we get out in aspiration to see the northern lights on their playgrounds in the northern sky…

Day 4 – Wednesday

Breakfast at the accommodation

Nordic skiing

Get into the real Finnish feeling, breathe in the fresh air and cross the landscapes on a pair of skis.

Nordic skiing may be the most popular form of skiing since it does not require a special ski area, only ski tracks. In winter you find these ski tracks crisscrossing most landscapes in Lapland, because this is the number one winter sport here! It is also the oldest form of skiing and was developed in Scandinavia as a way of traveling in the winter.

Dinner Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Day 5 – Thursday

Breakfast at the accommodation

Winter fishing in Kukkola

Visiting Kukkolarapids where you meet the fisherman, pick up burbot fishnets and try out your luck in ice-fishing

Have you ever wondered how the locals make the most of the snowy, cold winter days? One of the favorite pass-time is ice-fishing and one of the local traditions is to catch fish from underneath the ice with nets or traps. How about trying your luck in ice-fishing? Our guide will teach you how to drill a hole in the ice and prepare the ice-fishing rod and baits. Further, you can participate in the lifting of burbot traps from underneath the ice and hear about this marvelous fish, which is a true seasonal delicacy. Before leaving the fishing grounds we enjoy a delicious snack by a campfire.

Dinner Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Day 6 – Friday

Breakfast at the accommodation

Husky safari in Sweden

After breakfast we transfer to Storträsk village in Sweden. There we find a small husky property right in the beautiful rural countryside. Helene and her family greet guests as friends and here we take time to draw in the calmness and slow life of the north. We take off on a proper husky experience, a safari of 17km (duration 1,5-2 hrs) with the eager arctic runners. Each husky team takes two persons, one musher and one passenger, during the tour there is a possibility to change places. After the tour we gather in the old cottage on Helenes farm and enjoy a tasty picnic lunch: filled baguette, cake, coffee / tea. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and share stories. There is no rush at this moment.

Dinner Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Day 7 – Saturday

Breakfast at the accommodation

Ice-breaker cruise on Polar Explorer (optional in Winter Week)

Extraordinary experience! Imagine a white frozen sea which never storms. Sea waters are covered with solid ice, endless dramatic white as far as an eye can catch. Listen to the sound of a crackling ice, crashed ice blocks rise from the icebreaker hull and dark water splashing out. During the icebreaker cruise you will have a tour all the way down to the engine rooms and all the way up to the Captain’s bridge, walking on the ice and swimming in the floating survival suites. Before leaving the ship, the captain will present a Cruise and Swim certificate to everyone as a memorable gift.

Dinner Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti

Day 8 – Sunday

Breakfast at the accommodation

Transfer to Rovaniemi, Luleå or Oulu airport from your accommodation

Thank you for visiting HaparandaTornio!

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