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In the northernmost bay of Bothnian Gulf, where Torne River flows into the sea you find the sister cities Haparanda and Tornio.

One on each side of Torne River, one in Sweden and one in Finland. The twin cities live in two different time zones and share a unique history, culture and heritage. The locals live with one foot in each country and most of them speak Swedish and Finnish and some even the region’s own minority language Meänkieli. Talk about borderless experiences!
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Historically the area has been a trading site and hence has always welcomed travelers from all over the world. Tornio was founded in 1621, and after Finland was separated from Sweden and the border was drawn, Tornio remained on the Finnish side and the creation of its Swedish counterpart started. Haparanda was founded 1842.

The special river valley culture is featured and reflected in daily life. Locals cross the border more or less daily and are totally comfortable with two currencies and two time zones. Not only the two cities offer sights and attractions for travellers, the surrounding river valley countryside has many treats to offer as well as the vast arctic archipelago. The ancient fishing tradition is still alive by Kukkola villages on both sides of the river and the special coastal atmosphere is best enjoyed by trips to the archipelago with its numerous islands.


Grand Hotel Mustaparta

Grand is the right word to describe this hotel. Located in the heart of Tornio, in a building oozing with history, the newly renovated and refurbished hotel is taking its shape.

12 rooms

where of 1 presidential suite

For meetings

auditorium for 60 persons

Boutique Hotel Mustaparta

This charming city center boutique hotel does not come short of international standard in the rooms and their equipment.

24 rooms

21 standard, 1 superior and 2 junior suites

For meetings

Majan Wintti and Jungman Cabinette
Chalets & cottages

Torne River Apartments

These fresh and well equipped apartments are located in Kukkolankoski Resort. The houses are built in traditional style, just like family homes in Torne River Valley.
Chalets & cottages

Kukkolankoski Resort

Located only 15 min drive from Tornio city center you find a little riverside gem right at the heart of the local fishing culture.

15 apartments

traditional and comfortable

42 Beds

the number of beds available

3 Saunas

enjoy the soft warmth

2 Restaurants

local fish delicacies

Northern Lights hike to Toivola Island (Sweden)

The tour leads you to witness the magic or nocturnal Lappish. Maybe the northern lights will highlight your evening.

Fatbiking on snowy trails

E-Fatbiking is very fun and relaxing way to enjoy nature and winter is the most exciting season to ride the wide tired fatbikes.

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